Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Summer is dark.

I know it's Summer and it is hot as hell where I live but black is my favourite shade to wear. I cannot get enough of it. 
Yes, I love bright colours, patterns and pastels but if I'm unsure... I a-l-w-a-y-s go back to black.
Cow Purse. £95. Love Moschino.
My gosh, I LOVE this purse. I want it so badly! It's so adorable and right up my street.
Pack of 3 moustache rings. £8. Asos.
This are so cute. I love anything moustache and I love black and gold together. Perfect.
JK Jemma Kidd On Location set. £16. Asos.
This is a beautiful palette and it comes in two different sets. I prefer 01 Dare to Bare. It's more me and it's something that can be used everyday so it's good for the price!
Platform heel sandals. £49.99. Zara.
These are soooo gorgeous. Definitely my style. I prefer thicker heels. They're more comfortable, I find.
These are so chic too.

Love, love, love on Tuesday!

If you're a cat's slave and you haven't seen this yet... You. Will. Die.
It is SO accurate and SO cute.
Trust me, I'm a fur mummy.

 2. This recipe for Cinnamon Brown Butter Breakfast Puffs.
*glares and drools*
I loveee cinnamon and I loveee breakfast and I loveee freshly-baked goods.
I could go on forever! Check out the whole blog! 99% of the recipes really tickled my pickle.

3. This illustrated notebook is on top of my want list!

Grab it here! Check out the rest of their store too! It's amazing!

4. Despicable Me!
What a delightful, little movie this was! My boyfriend and I laughed soooooooo much. 
So cute!

5. Silver oak leaf ring.
The jewellery on this website is absolutely amazing. It's right up my street and it's so quirky and whimsical.
They have so many beautiful pieces!

6. Oleg Oprisco's photography.
I love this photography. They're images from my dreams. When it's silent and you spot something move across the room and then you see them. That beautiful, strange, mysterious person just staring back at you through all the madness of the world.
It relaxes me.

7. This gif. This movie. This family.

8. Self-control
 I cannot even tell you how much I've wanted to post this on someone's wall when I get the "I just went to the toilet" status on my News Feed.

Monday, 28 May 2012

What I love about Summer...

What do you love about Summer?

Nevada's not so hot.

This lipstick... not much to say! I love the texture, I love the packaging, I love the colour... just not on me!
It's a buy that will probably be used once or twice a year... under gloss!
It makes me feel so blahhhh and boring. I hate it!
I have one other nude that I want to review but after that I give up! I can't be bothered wasting the money and then being so disappointed with something!
If you absolutely love nude colours and can pull them off then I'd say get this because it's £8.00 and the texture is amazing. It's a matte and definitely has some staying power. It does cling to dry bits on your lips though so moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

Friday, 25 May 2012

Review: The Body Shop Blush

I'd wanted to get in to The Body Shop's make up range for a while and I was spurred on a little more when I got their core brush collection at Christmas. The brushes were and still are soooo soft and smooth. It's still like having a feather brushed against my skin. 
I have a major thing about blushers and I especially love a baked or mineral blush. 
This is their Baked-to-last Blush in Petal. It's priced at £12.00 but I got it for £2.00 thanks to their loyalty card! You get £10.00 off on your tenth purchase which is AMAZING. 
1. You can barely see this which is why I had to put numbers but the highlighter is a subtle gold shimmer. It's lovely to wear on days when you want to go faux naturale *see what I did there?*
2. This shade is the pink blush on it's own. It has a very subtle shimmer going through it which is lovely. The initial colour payoff isn't great but it's really buildable and I respect this! I hate when one swipe of your brush leaves you looking like a 12 year old on her first encounter with make up.
3. I LOVE when you swirl the highlighter and the blush together. It gives you a more shimmery, lighter shade of pink that is just so pretty! It's perfect for that dewey look. 

I give this Blush an 8 out of 10
It was scored a little less because I didn't like the packaging initially. It has grown on me now and it does feel chic for Summer but at first I thought it looked cheap. 
Here I am wearing it! I swirled the two here to get a little glow going on.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


I never thought I'd do a whole blog post on the subject of weather but yesterday and today has been AMAZING.
It is soooo warm and the sun is shining. The birds are singing and the flowers are smelling beautiful.
It's a week that even Wordsworth would have written about!
Why did I mention Wordsworth in my post? WELL. One of my favourite poets lived, loved and wrote in the Lakes. I live just on the edge of the Lakes. It takes me about 10 minutes to go there and I love taking advantage of that!
A lot of my family and a lot of Mikey's family are from Barrow-in-Furness so we decided to go there! The city centre and the main part of Barrow isn't great, I'll admit! But you just cross one little bridge and you're on Walney island.
If you fancy going... AND YOU SHOULD. Check out this website.

I don't know if it's just me but I have a thing when it comes to the ocean. It makes me feel at peace. I love it so much. I can just sit looking at it for hours and not getting bored.

I don't look the best, I know! Lol, I don't really care! I have major vampire eye. Any light at all makes them pour out with water. Stupid!

The water was soooo clear around the island and I definitely want to go back because we just had a quick visit this time!

I hope everyone is enjoying some good weather!
*my signature is so appropriate for this post, lol*

Friday, 18 May 2012

Brighton Rocks!

I'm so, so, so, so happy that Topshop decided to do a beauty range because I am in love with their lipsticks and nail varnishes. Brighton Rock was my first lipstick and I use it at least once a week! It isn't one for the faint-hearted as it is very bright but I LOVE my bright lipsticks... if you couldn't tell already!
It's retailing at £8.00 but I think that's a bargain as I do wear it all the time!
It's a matte consistency... all of their lipsticks I've bought are either matte or semi-matte.
They do have a habit of sticking to dry bits but as long as long as you're all moisturised... you're good to go!
It doesn't glide on super soft and it isn't moisturising but if you love the matte look... these are definitely for you!
You can see me wearing it with a full face of make up here.
It's such a good make up to lift your mood as well! I always feel really peppy and confident!
I hope you all buy it here! I'd love you all to feel as happy and upbeat as I do!

Oh, and that packaging! I hope they don't change it! It's so adorable and quirky!
I also love the label at the bottom. Straight to the point. No numbers. No fuss!