Saturday, 21 July 2012

Magazine heaven!

If I'm completely honest... no other magazine out there can possibly come close to replacing COMPANY magazine as my favourite usually BUT  *sense that I used Bold & Italics... this shit is serious* GLAMOUR magazine was better... yes, I did say better... this month! That's just my opinion though!
I only pick up GLAMOUR if it has someone I like on the front and it did! Kate Beckinsale is adorable and sexy! A pure, English rose. She comes across as quite intelligent too and has amazing style. Plus, she was a hot vampire in Underworld.
*phaw* The photography for this interview was so beautiful and sultry and... and... classy all at the same time!
 Don't worry, Lily! Your ass got kicked by Charlize and Kirsten in the Snow White war but you're still an absolute stunner!
Ooh, two Lily's that I love in one post. I'm only desperate to buy one though. It'd be pretty awkward if you though the opposite of the one I'm thinking.
Lord, who is this model?! She is beautiful! This whole shoot was amazing! And those eyes and that ^ hair!
I hope everyone else loved GLAMOUR this month as much as I did! It was their best for quite a while!
It was so nice to relax with a magazine inbetween all the chaos in my life at the moment which I'm sure I'll talk about at some point in the future.
We'll see.

Friday, 13 July 2012

20 little things that are really big.

  1. She cries at her favourite U2 album because it's so amazing. The Joshua Tree. 
  2. She wants a huge tattoo on her back before she's twentysix. 
  3. She wants to be in love with Michael forever.
  4. She loves to laugh and fight at the same time.
  5. She always gets tempted to buy childrens' books.
  6. She gets butterflies when she sees a new Tim Burton film advertised.
  7. She adores zombies. Books, movies, figurines.
  8. She loves to sit in the rain sometimes when she's stressed.
  9. She loves walking around graveyards and reading the epitaphs.
  10. She doesn't mind running through mud at a festival or rally.
  11. She loves the smell of freshly cut grass, celery and cow manure in the countryside.
  12. She loves old and foreign movies.
  13. She talks to her cats and dog like they understand.
  14. She has four cats.
  15. She has one dog.
  16. She has a bunch of fish.
  17. She LOVES birds way too much. Birds printed on any type of clothing, birdhouses as ornaments.
  18. She loves Bamboo and Maple.
  19. She loves chai tea more than anything in the world. Yumyum.
  20. She has really long hair.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012


TE AMO Black Skater Dress
Black Orchid Cut Out Heels
Black Cross Strap Wedges

It's probably no secret right now that I love black, skater dresses and New Look! 
I really only like to wear thick heels or wedges because I like to dress for comfort as well as cuteness! *technical word right there*

Monday, 9 July 2012


hush have been sending me catalogues... well, not so much catalogues but little leaflets in with their offers for about two years now. They always inspire me and make me want to buy their whole collection!
Their clothes and such are definitely geared more towards the relaxed, calm but chic woman. 
I guess the reason it appeals to me so much is because it just looks SO comfortable. Gorgeous. 
 The colours are mostly colours that I'd go for... very subtle, neutral shades. Grey, black, white, cream, khaki, navy... all of which are staples that go with 80% of other colours and patterns. 
What I also love is that their outfits can be used for Winter or Summer. Just add an extra pair of leggings and gloves or a scarf and some riding boots and you're fine for a stroll on a Winter's day!
 They do have the odd pattern on their items... mainly their dresses and pyjamas but if you read my blog... you'll know I LOVE anything to do with birds and my wardrobe mainly consists of bird-printed items or birdcages. I would love this dress above as it's very pretty!
Speaking of their pyjamas...
How cute! This is my favourite style of pyjamas! I love them so much! And as the weather is so humid here lately... those shorts are a MUST! 

And yes, as you can see... they also do accessories, soaps, household items, chocolate, hot cocoa AND tea. 
I'm in love with this site!
It does seem a bit pricey but believe me... it's worth it. They have a sale on at the moment so take advantage of it!
My next purchase will be those soaps and teas!
Visit it here and remember to click the X button at some point. I know it'll be hard to leave but your credit card or bank balance will appreciate it!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

In good COMPANY.

I actually missed the last Company and I'm absolutely gutted. I was just so busy and never went into a shop at any point. I think I need the subscription because I have a thing about collecting this magazine as it's so pretty! 
This one... eh! I hate neon colours until they're on nails. It's just not my thing. And I really do not like yellow with one exception... mustard yellow. *yum* So this cover was a bit OTT for me. I'm not sure I like the image on the cover either. It's a lovely photograph, don't get me wrong... I just got so used to seeing all of my favourite stars on that I expected to pick it up and be like OH, NOW IT'S EMMA STONE TOO. AWESOMESAUCE.
But... the content was as amazing as usual so I was safe. I'd stopped crying, pulling my hair out and hyperventilating by then! Don't worry for me!
Jameela is talking about a cat but it is the truth. 
Oh, lawd! A two page spread with Tom Hardy? AND he has a beard? *starts breathing funny again*
I do have a thing about men with 'gruff' or full on beards. I call it the Sexy Santa complex!
I love it when Michael doesn't shave for about a week. Rawr!
 The drawing in this magazine... always the damn drawnings. LOVE.
Beauty section with two of my favourite bloggers! I love that picture of Lily Bee^ so cute.

Anyway, I do have to admit that this month's Company was as great as usual! Even if we had a tiff over the cover. You just set the bar so damn high. What can I do?
What. Can. I. Really. Bloody. Do?

Wet Day Wonderland!

Michael surprised me *as he often does* with a little road trip. We've gone on two in the last 7 days and the first one was AMAZING but I didn't take my camera! I left it on the his bed in the morning but he promised to take me again so I'm happy!
This above is Windermere lake! I loveeeee Windermere. It's so beautiful! Rainy day or not!
He knows how much I love this place and he knows how much I love...
FLYING DUCKSSS. No, I joke... I meant Beatrix Potter!
They have a huge emporium dedicated to her art and her stories. It's so amazing!
The gift shop is my perfect haven. I would gladly live there!
You walk through this gorgeous little land of Beatrix Potter and look through windows and little holes into her books.
 Mikey was desperate to buy me a little Peter Rabbit stuffed toy and it was sooo adorable and soft but I said no! I think it's best for us to come back with a thicker wallet when we have our own place! Ha. He agreed, thank gosh!
I hope you all have a lovely week too!

POTD... A Very British Summer

Well, if you're from the UK or just live here... you know where I'm going with this outfit at the moment... note the Wellington boots and darker colours. Mmmhmm. Rain.
BUT I love it. I love wearing Wellies and I love all things England and rainy so it's all good in the hood!
This is my ideal outfit from start to finish. Cute accessories. Gorgeous nails. My favourite colours/shades.
I'd wear this right now if I could! If only I was Sabrina the Teenage Witch. 90s TV reference. Awesome sauce.

1. Black Peplum top from River Island.
2. Lock and Key belt from Romwe.
£ 10.06
3. Nail Rock Heart Nail Wraps from ASOS.
£6.70 usually but on sale for £4.50!
4. Gold-coloured Metal TaAccessorize.
5. Rabbit Across Body Bag from ASOS.
6. Dark Red Molly Jeggings from River Island.
7. Gold Tone Diamanté Dragonfly Headband by River Island.
8. Hunter Original Black Wellington Boots from ASOS.
I'd wear it with this make up! Oh, how I want them now!
Enjoy your very British Summer!