Sunday, 8 July 2012

In good COMPANY.

I actually missed the last Company and I'm absolutely gutted. I was just so busy and never went into a shop at any point. I think I need the subscription because I have a thing about collecting this magazine as it's so pretty! 
This one... eh! I hate neon colours until they're on nails. It's just not my thing. And I really do not like yellow with one exception... mustard yellow. *yum* So this cover was a bit OTT for me. I'm not sure I like the image on the cover either. It's a lovely photograph, don't get me wrong... I just got so used to seeing all of my favourite stars on that I expected to pick it up and be like OH, NOW IT'S EMMA STONE TOO. AWESOMESAUCE.
But... the content was as amazing as usual so I was safe. I'd stopped crying, pulling my hair out and hyperventilating by then! Don't worry for me!
Jameela is talking about a cat but it is the truth. 
Oh, lawd! A two page spread with Tom Hardy? AND he has a beard? *starts breathing funny again*
I do have a thing about men with 'gruff' or full on beards. I call it the Sexy Santa complex!
I love it when Michael doesn't shave for about a week. Rawr!
 The drawing in this magazine... always the damn drawnings. LOVE.
Beauty section with two of my favourite bloggers! I love that picture of Lily Bee^ so cute.

Anyway, I do have to admit that this month's Company was as great as usual! Even if we had a tiff over the cover. You just set the bar so damn high. What can I do?
What. Can. I. Really. Bloody. Do?


  1. Ahhhh I absolutely love this post!!! I love the idea, the pictures are so adorable, and the magazine is amazing! Thank you. You've made my day!!! xx

    1. You're so welcome :D I love this magazine... it's lovely!


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