Friday, 6 July 2012

The Rainyday Playlist!

I often just sit and listen to music while I stare out of the window on a rainy day and as it's as wet as an afternoon with Pingu... here I am in my leggings and hooded sweatshirt. Looking as sexual as usual.

Wide Awake by Katy Perry
 I love this song! It's so meaningful and the video is very Burton-esque.

Home by Gabrielle Aplin
This song is SO lovely. Indie/folk is definitely my favourite genre even though I love all music. Beautiful.

Rain by Patty Griffin
This is an all time favourite song of mine. It's so beautiful and so is this video. No more words.

All This Way by Amanda Fondell
If you haven't heard this yet... you need to listen to it! Her voice is amazing and the lyrics are lovely!

Now We Are Free by Hans Zimmer ft. Lisa Gerrard
Hans Zimmer has always been one of my favourite composers. His work makes a movie what it is most of the time. His sounds set the moods and his music make me feel relaxed or motivated! YouTube more of his stuff. He is truly amazing. And so is Trevor Jones! People often overlook the composers but a song without words can still say so much to your heart.

Quicker by I Blame Coco
I love this girl! The Constant is an AMAZING album. 10/10 for me and I love her videos. That voice!

My ultimate playlist always included Sigur Ros, Enya, U2, The Police, Mumford and Sons, Kate Bush, Anouk, Patty Griffin and Clannad.
I can't make a full playlist or I'd be here all day!
Have a good listen and tell me your favourite tracks for a rainyday!


  1. Excellent play list!! And the picture is very sweet xx

    1. I'm happy you agree! And why, thank you, Miss!

  2. Some great songs :) I love the Katy Perry video and agree it does have a Tim Burton thing about it

    Tanesha x

    1. I think that's why I love it more lol


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