Friday, 13 July 2012

20 little things that are really big.

  1. She cries at her favourite U2 album because it's so amazing. The Joshua Tree. 
  2. She wants a huge tattoo on her back before she's twentysix. 
  3. She wants to be in love with Michael forever.
  4. She loves to laugh and fight at the same time.
  5. She always gets tempted to buy childrens' books.
  6. She gets butterflies when she sees a new Tim Burton film advertised.
  7. She adores zombies. Books, movies, figurines.
  8. She loves to sit in the rain sometimes when she's stressed.
  9. She loves walking around graveyards and reading the epitaphs.
  10. She doesn't mind running through mud at a festival or rally.
  11. She loves the smell of freshly cut grass, celery and cow manure in the countryside.
  12. She loves old and foreign movies.
  13. She talks to her cats and dog like they understand.
  14. She has four cats.
  15. She has one dog.
  16. She has a bunch of fish.
  17. She LOVES birds way too much. Birds printed on any type of clothing, birdhouses as ornaments.
  18. She loves Bamboo and Maple.
  19. She loves chai tea more than anything in the world. Yumyum.
  20. She has really long hair.


  1. I like sitting in the rain, too. And #13, with my cat and dog.

  2. haha I'm another person who also loves sitting in the rain. I love your blog :)
    Great layout and design!


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