Sunday, 8 July 2012

POTD... A Very British Summer

Well, if you're from the UK or just live here... you know where I'm going with this outfit at the moment... note the Wellington boots and darker colours. Mmmhmm. Rain.
BUT I love it. I love wearing Wellies and I love all things England and rainy so it's all good in the hood!
This is my ideal outfit from start to finish. Cute accessories. Gorgeous nails. My favourite colours/shades.
I'd wear this right now if I could! If only I was Sabrina the Teenage Witch. 90s TV reference. Awesome sauce.

1. Black Peplum top from River Island.
2. Lock and Key belt from Romwe.
£ 10.06
3. Nail Rock Heart Nail Wraps from ASOS.
£6.70 usually but on sale for £4.50!
4. Gold-coloured Metal TaAccessorize.
5. Rabbit Across Body Bag from ASOS.
6. Dark Red Molly Jeggings from River Island.
7. Gold Tone Diamanté Dragonfly Headband by River Island.
8. Hunter Original Black Wellington Boots from ASOS.
I'd wear it with this make up! Oh, how I want them now!
Enjoy your very British Summer!

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