Saturday, 21 July 2012

Magazine heaven!

If I'm completely honest... no other magazine out there can possibly come close to replacing COMPANY magazine as my favourite usually BUT  *sense that I used Bold & Italics... this shit is serious* GLAMOUR magazine was better... yes, I did say better... this month! That's just my opinion though!
I only pick up GLAMOUR if it has someone I like on the front and it did! Kate Beckinsale is adorable and sexy! A pure, English rose. She comes across as quite intelligent too and has amazing style. Plus, she was a hot vampire in Underworld.
*phaw* The photography for this interview was so beautiful and sultry and... and... classy all at the same time!
 Don't worry, Lily! Your ass got kicked by Charlize and Kirsten in the Snow White war but you're still an absolute stunner!
Ooh, two Lily's that I love in one post. I'm only desperate to buy one though. It'd be pretty awkward if you though the opposite of the one I'm thinking.
Lord, who is this model?! She is beautiful! This whole shoot was amazing! And those eyes and that ^ hair!
I hope everyone else loved GLAMOUR this month as much as I did! It was their best for quite a while!
It was so nice to relax with a magazine inbetween all the chaos in my life at the moment which I'm sure I'll talk about at some point in the future.
We'll see.


  1. I love reading magazines.. I can get lost in a Cosmo or Glamour for at least an hour :)
    You have a lovely blog!! Just started following :)

    Claudia X

  2. Beautiful photos! =)

  3. Aaw, I've always had a soft spot for Lily Collins ever since she had that monthly column in Elle girl <3

  4. I love magazines too, my favorite is Teen Vogue:)


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