Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Body Shop Lip Butters

I discovered the lip butters last year when my lips were dry and I'd had such a bad day. I remember because the lady in the store was so lovely to me when I was sopping wet and looking like a drowned rat. She really made my day and she gave me a hairband to tie my wet hair up and a wipe for my running mascara. Needless to say, I prefer waterproof eye products now and if there was a 'till lady of the century' award... I'd fight her corner all the way!

My prefer the Shea Butter version by a long shot! It's my kind of taste/smell!
The Mango smells absolutely disgusting to me! But then again I hate all Mango products. All of the scents are sickly when used a lot but if you just smudge a little on your lips then you'll be fine. If you're pregnant and your smelling abilities are at superhero level... avoid these, lol. 
They do leave residue on your lips but because the Shea and Mango are less transparent so they show a lot more. 
As you can see on the right  >>>>

Personally I love these Lip Butters *ignoring the mango smell is hard*. I don't use them during the day but I love to slather them on at night so I wake up with a moisturised, soft pout in the morning.
It's one of those products that varies in reviews depending on each person's preference. It's not universally loved and it's not universally hated.
You're the judge on this one... this is just my two cents.


  1. I love the grapefruit lip butter! it smells great! <3
    I'm so glad that there are still nice people out there! Sometimes the retailers can get really rude :( x



    1. I don't usually like the scent of grapefruit but I like this one! It's refreshing!
      And yes, I've met some very snotty retail assistants but this one is lovely everytime I go in! She even asked me to show her how to do fishtails braids so I did, lol.

  2. I really want to try these!! Great review xx


    1. Thank you! And you definitely should!


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