Saturday, 9 June 2012

It's a Scandal!

It really is a Scandal how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this lipstick.
I cannot believe I spent so long in Selfridges ummming & ahhhing over getting this. It's amazing! If you're a gigantic matte lipstick fan like me... you will love this. It's matte, it's thick. One swipe and you're done. You can even see how thick it is from the heart I drew above.
 Illamasqua are easily the best at designing their packaging. I love the logo, the shape of the packaginge, the look and I love where they've placed their name. I can't fault the design at all. Sometime I hate the name label on the bottom too but I have no quips about theirs.
Scandal itself is a yellow-based pink and is such a sweet, candy colour. It's very vivid on the lips and is a definitely show stopper so I tend to wear it with a very minimilistic eye otherwise my whole face would be in hooker mode!
To be honest... I barely wear this... not because it's horrible but because it was so expensive... at £15.50, I want it to last!
I will definitely buy more of their lipsticks though! They're my ideal finish & texture.
I also love Illamasqua for catering to the freak in all of us! Their make up looks and ad campaigns are amazing.
It's a shame they don't sack/fire that snooty madam in Manchester Trafford's Selfridges though. She's so rude. Only negative!

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