Monday, 4 June 2012

I need, need, need!

 1. Puff On Radiance by Lily Cole. £16.00.
2. Shimmer Cubes by Lily Cole. £16.00.
3. Pearl Radiance Primer by Lily Cole. £12.00.
4. Radiant Highlighter. £11.00.
5. Colourglide™ Shine Lip Colours in Vintage Rose, Pink Flash & Iced Violet. £9.00.
6. Brush on Radiance. £13.00.

 I already own a lot of The Body Shop products and make up so I know exactly what I'd be getting.
Amazing quality, 
Their brushes are the softest I've ever tried AND they're cruelty-free so this is a gigantic thing for me.
I think their Shimmer cubes are my favourite eyeshadows to use along with Urban Decay *also cruelty free*.
I'm actually skint at the minute so I've convinced my boyfriend to get me some of the Lily Cole collection for my birthday (which is in December, lol) because I presume it's limited edition? I'm not sure but I wanted to be safe.
At least I'll have something waiting for me in a few months!

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