Saturday, 2 June 2012

MUA Blusher Review.

I've wanted to do a review on MUA Blushers for a while now but was so busy working that I never had time to finish it.
I originally bought the Shade 1 blusher by MUA because I wanted a dupe for a Ted Baker one I got in a set of 'books' *compilation palettes* for Christmas. It was a gorgeous peach colour and I had hit pan pretty quickly. I couldn't find anything in MAC or Boots that was a perfect match and Ted Baker didn't sell them anymore.
I walked into Superdrug with no hope and there it was... looking back at me. It was love at first sight. AND IT'S ONLY £1.00, YOU SAY? Well, gosh.
Of course it wasn't exactly the same... MUA Blushers tend to fill the brush in one dab whereas Ted Baker is a more solid consistency.
 The downsides for me are the names. Boring. Bland.
Speaking of the names... on their new releases, I noticed that a lot of the Blushes have the same Shade number which is obviously because they're discontinuing the past ones but as a blogger... it annoys me because now if I do a tutorial or a make up lookbook and say "oh, this is Shade 1"... people are going to be all "no it ain't, wench".
 Now there was no need to call me a wench! It's MUA, not me!
Anyway, the blushers themselves are very nice. Dip your brush onto them lightly because they crumble like a bitch and they're very pigmented *also a huge plus*.
They glide on effortlessy and you only need one swipe as they can because cakey if you're slapping on swipe after swipe.
For £1.00... they're absolutely amazing.
Bargain hunters to the go!

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