Friday, 15 June 2012

The colours of love...

I'd always wanted to try China Glaze and only saw it on YouTube videos but I couldn't find it anywhere.
I love living in a small, rural city but that is the biggest downside... having to go to big cities just for a lipstick or a nail lacquer.
I nearly dropped dead when I saw a Sally's was opening and then I saw that gigantic OPI stand. That was amazing but I already tried OPI and then just to the left of it... there it was... the hallelujah music started and I almost let out a tear.
The first one I saw was Poinsettia. It's a bright red that stayed on my nails a whole two weeks before if even chipped once *top coat included of course*. It is on par with OPI. Neither better than the other for me. I just prefer the China Glaze price tag.
I paid £7 for Poinsettia and then got Rich & Famous and Skate Night on sale for £3.50 each. Bargain alert!
I am in love with Rich & Famous. It's my go-to polish if I'm unsure of what to wear. It brightens up my day whenever I look down and see that bright, beautiful pink!
Skate Night is definitely my least favourite of the three but it is a staple in Winter. It's a dark red with gold shimmer in it. It is very pretty.


  1. lovely colours! they would make a great ombre nail style ;)


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