Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Body Shop's Warming Mineral Face Mask

I'm a huge fan of facemasks. I find them so fun to do... I know that's strange but I love relaxing in my pyjamas... hair all messy... facemask on... and some crappy TV. Perfection.
This one is a particular favourite of mine... as you can see I'm almost out of it!
The lady at my local Body Shop knew my regular purchases and suggested I try this.
I loved it instantly!
Be warned. It does go very warm if you're very warm. I applied it the other day after I had a hot bath and it was near the point of burning me!
So try to apply it when you're just in your normal, mid-temperature enviroment because I presume the warmth of the product depends on the temperature of your skin.
It's very relaxing!
 Like I say about all face masks too... instant guy magnet!
I mean... could you really resist THAT?
It reminds them of a simpler time in a far away place...
A place where people get crap all in their hair and eyelashes. Not the best application, lol.
But my sad & thoughtful facial expression pulls it off!

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