Saturday, 16 June 2012

Instagram time!

  1. Mikey hates when I kiss him with bright lipsticks on especially MAC's Girl About Town as it stains a little, lol.
  2. I dropped a WHOLE mug of tea right into my top make up drawer which holds most of my lipsticks and blushers and then all of my brushes and eye products minus my palettes. Thank gosh that only that one was open.
  3. Found these shoes in the back of my wardrobe. Never worn and so lush. I usually stick to my wedges but these are delish.
  4. Mummy dearest and I went to our favourite café. It's our favourite because all of the birds come so close to get crumbs. So cute.
  5. Mikey took me to see this movie FINALLY. It was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Right up my alley. Perfect.
  6. He took me to dinner just before it too at Bella Italia... I love salmon. Yum.
  7. Harry lounging around. Such a huge cat. My laptop is actually pretty big and it looks like a netbook next to him.
  8. Teasing my hair. Always fun when I look like this.
  9. Favourite eye of the moment. All Urban Decay shadows. Virgin, Busk, Sin & Zephyr.
  10. We went to a steam rally and I got to hold an owl. They had eagles, hawks, owls and vultures. Gorgeous.


  1. oh no cant believe yuo dropped all the tea on your make up x

    1. I know! Girls' worst nightmare! All fixed now though!


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