Wednesday, 6 June 2012

For the love of photography.

For a long time now... over a decade, in fact... I have been in love with photography.
I love the look, feel and results of a camera. Everything about it just excites me and relaxes me at the same time.
I recently went through some old files and found a huge amount of self portraits that I'd forgotten about and had them printed! Some are from my teenage years... it amazed me how I'd forgotten about something that I did all day/every day.
I got my first amazing camera from my ex-boyfriend. He knew how much I loved photography and at first, he loved it too but then work got in the way for him.
I lived and breathed it. I took photographs of my breakfast all the way through to my supper, lol.
 Through photography, I also found a love of beauty and make up. I'd always liked it and wore it every day but I was never enthusiastic about it until I had a new idea for a photograph.
I always figured that the more creative you were with your face... the better the picture.
It made everything stand out more. I learned how to make my eyes pop or give my cheeks a more defined shape.

My camera collection has grown a lot now. I bought a lot of vintage ones and fixed an Olympus Trip. I also have a Diana F+, Polaroid and a Fujifilm Instax Mini... I love them all but I use my Canon most and then my Fuji. Polaroid film is so expensive and it's hard to get my other film developed where I live. No room for a dark room either!
Hope you enjoyed the ride down Memory Lane!


  1. I love coming across old photos! It is always just so much fun to have then help you go down memory lane. Those photos are really lovely.

    1. It's the best thing. I think I do it on purpose so I can be nostalgic! I love going through my mums old photo trunk. Amazing!

  2. Very cool photos! Impressive for self portraits! This definitely makes me want to use my camera more :)

    1. It's really therapeutic! Helped me get over a lot of insecurities because I had to look at my face a lot, lol... wish I had time to still do it all. Oh, to be young again!


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