Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Summer is dark.

I know it's Summer and it is hot as hell where I live but black is my favourite shade to wear. I cannot get enough of it. 
Yes, I love bright colours, patterns and pastels but if I'm unsure... I a-l-w-a-y-s go back to black.
Cow Purse. £95. Love Moschino.
My gosh, I LOVE this purse. I want it so badly! It's so adorable and right up my street.
Pack of 3 moustache rings. £8. Asos.
This are so cute. I love anything moustache and I love black and gold together. Perfect.
JK Jemma Kidd On Location set. £16. Asos.
This is a beautiful palette and it comes in two different sets. I prefer 01 Dare to Bare. It's more me and it's something that can be used everyday so it's good for the price!
Platform heel sandals. £49.99. Zara.
These are soooo gorgeous. Definitely my style. I prefer thicker heels. They're more comfortable, I find.
These are so chic too.


  1. So I came here after your awesome comment on kaelah's blog and wow!!! I LOVE your layout, it's breathtaking. I also love this list and am really excited to be following you now. HOPE YOU DONT MIND ME BEING CREEPY BUT IM GOING TO TAKE A BUTTON TOO KTHX

    1. Wow, thank you! I had another layout for a while that everyone liked but I changed it to this and you're the first to comment so far! Happy it's positive! Do you have a blog too?


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