Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Battle of the Butters!

I absolutely LOVE body butters.
I do prefer them to lotions because lotions leave me feeling really gooey and icky. <<AMAZING review terms!
 I love how body butters sit on my skin before it sinks in.

 I got this body butter as a gift for Christmas and the smell put me off.
I love eating mangos but I cannot stand the smell... it's way too sweet! 
This is a very soft butter and it does feel like lotion. Way too soggy!
The smell is like sick in a pot and I will not be repurchasing it.
At £7.95 it's just too much for what it is.

Next is my favourite body butter ever so I'm probably really biased... but it's my favourite for a reason!
The texture doesn't look very appealing here but believe me... it sinks into your skin like rain on a meadow.
The smell of ALL of the body butters from The Body Shop is amazing.
There is no wonder why these are world famous!
They are £12.50 but seems a lot but they hold a lot of product and they last me about 3 weeks to a month!
PLUS The Body Shop always has sales that take the budy butters down to £5 so keep your eyes on your local store!

Katy x

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  1. Friends used to give me packs of the Body Shop butter creams for me as gifts. I really like the coconut and the passion fruit one!



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