Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Stand up for the love!

Jessie J is amazing to me. She inspires me so much and it's rare for a "celebrity" my age to even get under my skin but she really has.

No one who reads this little blog will know this yet but I was bullied so badly in High School and I never got over it until I turned about 22. That's pretty embarassing to admit but I think the mental scars take a lot longer to heal than the physical ones.
I was always different and strange. I always liked the Wicked Stepmother's instead of the Princess's and the Rizzo's instead of the Sandy's. Tim Burton was my hero while Britney Spears was so loved by all of my friends.
I spent so many years dressing like everyone else and feeling completely trapped.
This is relevant, I promise!
Jessie J has said publicly how she coped with bullies and if you want to hear about it... just list to this song.
I don't drink, smoke or do drugs and I'm probably considered boring by many of my old peers but I can finally say... I DON'T CARE. It's so relieving to read that someone else can admit to that too without being considered "strange"... instead everyone looks upto her.

Jessie J is the complete package to me. She's overcome so much. She even had a stroke and it still didn't knock her back.
She is the type of role model I'd want my children to look upto and I hope she stays around for a long time.

Why do I like Jessie J so much? 
Her talent! That voice, that knowledge, those concepts, that writing. Amazing.
Her style. No boundries.
Her beauty! I don't just mean she's pretty (because, by God, she is) but her make up and hair is always so inspirational and out of this world!
She doesn't drink, smoke or do drugs.
She overcame all of the hardtimes.

And the thing I love most about her is her positivity.
She always seems happy.

I REALLY want her hairstyle but I would not suit it at all!
Her album is also phenomenal... get it if you haven't already!

This is her newest song.
It pumps me up every time!

Katy x


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  2. beautifully!


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