Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Recent buys that I love!

I did buy this stuff in Edinburgh! I guess it's a continuation from the other blog post.
There is more... this is not the last from the Edinburgh spends!

So I went into Zara (as usual) for the black bag with the rose gold latch! 
See it here!
I also went into the store for some black ballerina flats with little skulls on. So cute.
We searched for about 15 minutes but nope, all gone! I did ask the person wandering around doing nothing but she said they don't sell the bag anymore and that the shoes are only available on the website. Bah.
As we walked upstairs to look at clothes for my boyfriend... I remembered that I bookmarked a gorgeous bag on the website that also had a rose gold latch...
They had it! Yey!
It was £19.99 which is amazing for Zara. It isn't leather but I don't use or buy leather so I was so happy.
It's so spacious inside!

I also bought Cleopatra with Liz Taylor. It's one of my favourite movies! Amazing.
It cost me £5.00 from HMV.

Then we went to the Museum of Childhood and it was so cool! Lots of old games and dolls!
But the best part was the gift shop, of course!
This book is amazing! I love baking and I adore crafts and it's jam-packed full of all things to do with Alice in Wonderland.
I'll be using a lot of things in this book for my wedding when it eventually happens!

Hope you liked what I bought!

Katy x


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