Sunday, 1 April 2012

Our little Edinburgh adventure!

The Boy and I went to Edinburgh for a few days last week!
I absolutely hate my job so it was such a relief to hear those train doors closing and to feel the judder of the carriage as we set off.
The city is absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to go back. I took about 600 pictures like the good, little tourist I am! There was just so much to capture in only 3 days.
Being the organised freak that I am... I made two A4 pages of lists so nothing was forgotten BUT I forgot my trust notebook at home so I had no checklist, no directions, no sketchy maps copied from google earth... just my wits. Shockingly, we didn't get lost.
Edinburgh is so easy to get around... I have zero wits about me!

We got a suite at the Radisson Blu hotel. It was so beautiful! Pricey but completely worth it.

We both spent way too much money there! Princes Street is soooooo long and soooo full of shops. We struggled to get all the way down. We tried (TWICE)!
It was so hot as well! Record temperatures for Edinburgh apparently.
I'll be doing a haul post tomorrow! It will be a very long one!

Katy x

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