Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Cupcake!

I often wander into TKMaxx to have a look at their books because I seem to always find something I really want!
This time I went in looking for a new lamp and I got distracted by the little book section.

How adorable is the cover and shape of the book?! So sweet.
I love the layout of the recipe page and this images look so amazing! I can guarantee mine wouldn't look like this!
I cannot get over the pictures! They look delicious!
This one above is called the Neapolitan cupcake! Doesn't it just look like an ice cream?!
I really love when cupcakes have a little decoration on like a flag or a little ring!
I also loveeee fondant shapes! 
I was so happy with these little guides because I'll be using them a lot!

 The book is about A4 size and I paid £3.99 for it!
I'm not sure what it was originally but I'd say about £14.99!

Katy x

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