Tuesday, 10 April 2012

It's totally in love Tuesdayyy!

1. Jenna Marbles.
What can I even say? I agree with EVERYTHING she says. She is a God(dess) to me!
I even (not lying to you right now) showed my boyfriend the above video to help him with a few things like laying on my damn hair. Ouch.
She's my current hero!
I'm also in love with this video! 

2. The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey

This book is truly amazing. It's happy, sad, enchanting. So lovely.
It's definitely not a trashy book and one that you can read when you're only half in the mood.
It really touched my heart!
How lovely is the cover too? It did draw me in at Waterstones.
It cost me £14.99 which is very pricey but the book itself is perfect to display in your house.
Love it!

3. My new bracelet!

My boyfriend took me to a beautiful little village near when we live and it's full of cute little shops! I loveee places like that... which he knows! He bought me this bracelet in one of those cute shops and I cannot take it off!

4. Relaxing with a magazine and junk food on my day off!
I love, love, love Skittles and I'm always filing or doing my nails on my day off.
I always do my nails once a week unless I'm super bored. These are my nails at the moment but I'm getting bored of them at the moment so they'll be changed on Thursday and I'll be doing some nail tutorials!
 And Glamour was £1 this month?! Yes, please!
Actually, everything in this picture was £1... I got 6 nail files for £1 and the Skittles were £1 too.
Bargain-hunting success!

Not a long one this week but I've been busy today so it took me a while to finish it, lol.

Katy x


  1. Hello, hello! Randomly stumbled upon your blog from wishwishwish's comment section and I'm glad I did! Your layout is gorgeous! And I'm definitely going to add that book to my "to-read" list. I'm a sucker for gorgeous covers.

    1. Oh, hello, Miss T! I'm so glad you stumbled across it too because now I've seen yours! Your cat is adorable!

    2. Haha! Thank you. Following you now, bb! Gorgeous blog.

  2. Hey :) I saw a comment of your on EssieButton's blog and it was so funny I thought I'd pop on over here :)
    Torie's so right about your layout - its ethereal!
    I just watched the JennaMarbles video, its hilarious...and so so true :(

    1. Ahhh! My retarded sentence caught me a new blogger! How do you do?!
      Thank you for the compliment about my layout. I just changed it two days ago... I didn't like my last one!


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