Sunday, 1 April 2012

Pink in the Afternoon!

Revlon's Pink in the Afternoon is probably my favourite lipstick shade of the moment.
It's a lovely bright pink with a yellow undertone so it borders on a mild pinky-coral.

This comes from Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick range. 
It's a creamy and smooth formula that has SPF15 and moisturising qualities. 
Having wore this all day today (and several other days)... I can say that it lasts a good 5 hours before fading and that was with an ice cold gin and tonic!

I have always loved Revlon lipsticks. They always feed my thirsty lips and are amazing in the Summer! Never dry out for me!
I also recommend their matte lipsticks. I prefer them to Illamasqua's! 
I find that Illamasqua's stick to all of the dry bits on my lips and is a really heavy lipstick to use. Not so good for Summer.

Revlon lipsticks are available in Boots and this particular lipstick is £7.48.
I think it's an amazing price for such a good lipstick.


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