Monday, 2 April 2012

LUSH! and The Body Shop haul

I said in my previous post how The Boy and I had spent wayyy too much money on our little trip to Edinburgh. Well, instead of doing one giant haul post... I've decided to split it into a few! It means I'm not sat here all day writing one gigantic post. 

I'll start with The Body Shop because I only got a few things from there. It's probably my favourite store. Actually, I can say it is 100%!
Above: Chocomania Lip Butter (£4.00, The Body Shop)
I've wanted to try The Body Shop's Chocomania range for a while now. I am a huge chocolate fan but I've given it up now so I wanted to avoid anything that would tempt me! I didn't give it up to help in weight loss or anything... I get severe migraines and chocolate is my main cause.
I felt I could smell this now without wanting to lick it and after all that waiting... I actually hate the smell, lol but I will use it because I hate waste! It's (ironically) a bit too chocolatey!
 L-R: Shea Body Butter (£12.50, The Body Shop) & Body Brush (£7.00, The Body Shop)
I love anything that's very organic smelling. I love wood and nut scents. My favourite body butters from The Body Shop are the Shea, Almond, Coconut, Cocoa and Brazil nut!
I'm not a huge fruit-scent fan a part from Watermelon and Guava.
And as for the body brush... I have really wanted one of these for ages but always forgot to get one. I use The Body Shop's small face brush and it's done wonders for me. A lot cheaper than a Clarisonic, anyway.

I am absolutely in love with LUSH! I am a complete LUSHPuppet! (My new term, it's the new 'fetch' for LUSH!)
I could buy that whole store but I was with The Boy and I know he gets bored really easily in there. I took him there for a gigantic shop at Christmas because I love their cinnamon stuff! Yummy.
Above: Space Girl (£1.95, LUSH!)
You'll LOVE this if you love Parmaviolets! One of my favourite. It also has little flecks of glitter. Lovely. I got a few of these to tide me over until I get to a LUSH! store again... there isn't one in my city!
Above: Mmmelting Marshmallow (£3.75, LUSH!)
This one is a first for me but it's got amazing reviews. It's very sweet smelling just like their Creamy Candy bubble bar. Not the most attractive compared to LUSH!'s other products. 
Above: The Comforter (£4.15, LUSH!)
I've tried this once before and it was a 'meh' product to me but I always get drawn to the look of it so I figured I'd try it again. It smells kind of soapy to me.
L-R: Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon (£2.95, LUSH!) and Creamy Candy (£2.45, LUSH!)
I've just tried the Bubbleroon for the first time two days ago and it is absolutely amazing. It smells like a subtle Terry's Chocolate Orange to me. It left my skin feeling sooo soft and it was one of the most relaxing baths I've ever had. Bliss. So happy I got two of these!
Creamy Candy is a firm favourite of mine. Only buy this if you like sweet smells because my mum said it smelled like someone had vomited candy floss in the bathroom. Charming, I know.
 Above: Oatifix Fresh Face Mask (£5.75, LUSH!)
LUSH! facemasks have to be my favourite of all! They have done my skin wonders and I love that they're all organic and fresh instead of having those cheap, sticky, chemical masks from Superdrug! You know the ones I mean! 
This one smells horrible in the store but I know how good oats and bananas are for your skin so I ignored that. Once I'd put it on I got a huge whiff of bananas on warm porridge. It was lovely. 
Only negative was that my family thought it was hilarious. 
*Looks seriously like baby vomit when applied*
I usually stuck to Cupcake but I'm reaching out a lot more. Next I'm trying Catastrophe Cosmetic and Ayesha!

That's all for now! Hope you have a fab day!

Katy x


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