Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Giving me fever...

So, I've always been a huge fan of Beyoncé. I've always looked upto her and wanted that body! Oh, Lord... that body!
I've never been a huge fan of celebrity fragrances. I would always get them as gifts. I did like a few... J.Lo Miami Glow, Christina Aguilera's first perfume and Darling by Kylie Minogue... this may sound like a lot but I have so much perfume! Those three are just a few at the bottom of a full drawer and Darling is actually my mother's.

When I heard that my boyfriend's sister-in-law wanted this as a gift from us last Christmas... I complimented her choice and thought nothing of it.
As soon as I saw the shape of the box under the tree... I knew what they got me. The full set!
I hadn't even smelled it... I was just being polite but it was lovely of them to remember.
Now, when it comes to the actual fragrance... I am not a fan. It is way too strong for me.
I'm usually a fan of deep, woody tones but this is migraine-inducing. 
I absolutely HATE vanilla. I find it so sickly and annoying and I can smell it in this scent.
It's very, very sickly and it's the kind of perfume that you spray once and run in order to avoid smelling like a prostitute's purse.
On a brighter note... I actually love the body lotion and body wash! They're not as strong and the lotion soaks into my skin straight away.
I'm usually one for more organic scents on my skin but I use this now and then when Mikey and I have a date night.
The body wash is on the left and the lotion is on the right.
I still haven't mentioned what I love most about the lotion yet... it has shimmer in it! 
I hate glitter but I adore subtle shimmers in blushes, bronzers and lotions! It has the most amazing, gold shimmer and it makes you look like Edward Cullen trapped in the Bahamas. Pretty lush!

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