Thursday, 17 May 2012

Hey, Michel... how's life for you? Okay?

This woman touches my soul like no other!
I used to play an online game and a lot of Dutch people played too and I made friends quickly! I met one soul called Roderik who introduced me to Anouk. He said I wouldn't hear another singer like her and he was correct.
She is the coolest chick I've ever seen or heard. She has more swagger than any of these new kids on the block. I just watch her and I'm proud to be a woman... ultimate girl crush.
She's stunning, charismatic, original, talented and amazinggggg.

R U Kiddin Me
I love this video. I love the music. I love the depth of her voice.
And those gold teeth!
For something a little softer...

If you loved her music... I highly recommend Michel and Sacrifice. They're two of my favourites.

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