Friday, 25 May 2012

Review: The Body Shop Blush

I'd wanted to get in to The Body Shop's make up range for a while and I was spurred on a little more when I got their core brush collection at Christmas. The brushes were and still are soooo soft and smooth. It's still like having a feather brushed against my skin. 
I have a major thing about blushers and I especially love a baked or mineral blush. 
This is their Baked-to-last Blush in Petal. It's priced at £12.00 but I got it for £2.00 thanks to their loyalty card! You get £10.00 off on your tenth purchase which is AMAZING. 
1. You can barely see this which is why I had to put numbers but the highlighter is a subtle gold shimmer. It's lovely to wear on days when you want to go faux naturale *see what I did there?*
2. This shade is the pink blush on it's own. It has a very subtle shimmer going through it which is lovely. The initial colour payoff isn't great but it's really buildable and I respect this! I hate when one swipe of your brush leaves you looking like a 12 year old on her first encounter with make up.
3. I LOVE when you swirl the highlighter and the blush together. It gives you a more shimmery, lighter shade of pink that is just so pretty! It's perfect for that dewey look. 

I give this Blush an 8 out of 10
It was scored a little less because I didn't like the packaging initially. It has grown on me now and it does feel chic for Summer but at first I thought it looked cheap. 
Here I am wearing it! I swirled the two here to get a little glow going on.


  1. Oh my, you are gorgeous! And so is that blush! What a dreamy color. So perfect with that lipstick! Anything animal-friendly is a winner to me.

    1. Urgh, so weird that I almost did a little dance because one of my favourite bloggers commented. Almost? I actually did.

      And thank you!


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