Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Love, love, love on Tuesday!

If you're a cat's slave and you haven't seen this yet... You. Will. Die.
It is SO accurate and SO cute.
Trust me, I'm a fur mummy.

 2. This recipe for Cinnamon Brown Butter Breakfast Puffs.
*glares and drools*
I loveee cinnamon and I loveee breakfast and I loveee freshly-baked goods.
I could go on forever! Check out the whole blog! 99% of the recipes really tickled my pickle.

3. This illustrated notebook is on top of my want list!

Grab it here! Check out the rest of their store too! It's amazing!

4. Despicable Me!
What a delightful, little movie this was! My boyfriend and I laughed soooooooo much. 
So cute!

5. Silver oak leaf ring.
The jewellery on this website is absolutely amazing. It's right up my street and it's so quirky and whimsical.
They have so many beautiful pieces!

6. Oleg Oprisco's photography.
I love this photography. They're images from my dreams. When it's silent and you spot something move across the room and then you see them. That beautiful, strange, mysterious person just staring back at you through all the madness of the world.
It relaxes me.

7. This gif. This movie. This family.

8. Self-control
 I cannot even tell you how much I've wanted to post this on someone's wall when I get the "I just went to the toilet" status on my News Feed.

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