Tuesday, 15 May 2012

MAC's Girl About Town review!

I always look on the MAC website before I go into the store because I love to write a list of the colours that I'm attracted to so I can just ask one of the girls if they can give me advice on the colours and my skin tone!
I have bought a lot of nudes that make me look so dead. Now I just ask!
When I saw this colour... I almost licked the screen! It is so sexy and amazing!
It's a bright fuschia and as soon as I put it on... I feel a-m-a-z-i-n-g!
 It glides on so well! It's smooth and soft. It feels so moisturising as well! My boyfriend isn't a fan because it is hard to get off once it's on your lips so he avoids kissing me too much when I'm wearing it, lol.
It is a little pricey at £13.50 but I don't see the price tag when something makes me feel this good about myself.
I see it as an investment into many days of happiness and confidence.
This is one that I'll repurchase again and again!
What do we think... is it a little too bright for you or do you love it too?

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