Monday, 14 May 2012

Road Trip I!

Michael and I take A LOT of road trips! We're driving somewhere new almost every week and I never thought to take my camera because we get so wrapped up in just spending time together. I figured... since I spend all of my spare time with him anyway... I'd start to take my camera!
This week we went to a place called Carlisle. It's in the north of England and it's about an hour away from where we live. We took his mum a long and it was pretty fun!
They have the most adorable shopping centre but I've promised to spend anything until I've used the products that I have already.
It did annoy me because I couldn't find Sleek make up anywhere and I don't have YSL make up or Urban Decay anywhere near me but BAM... there it all was in one little centre!
Michael promised to take me back at some point, lol. We'll see!

It was such a nice day too! The weather has been a little bipolar today but on this particular day... my gosh! It was sooo warm in the car!

The scenery is always so beautiful near where I live. Amazing. That's what I adore about living next to the Lakes.

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