Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Tuesday! Tuesday! Tuesday!

I did miss last weeks Totally In Love Tuesday post! I was at my boyfriends' house and you probably find this hard to believe but...

he doesn't have any internet.

I didn't expect to stay over at his place on Monday night so I figured I didn't need to do a Tuesday post before hand so I could post it through my phone. Silly girl!

 Here is this week's post and it will be a long one as it is making up for last week!

1. Sóley

I chose this song because this video is so beautiful and the song is one of my favourites from her.
It's best heard with your eyes closed! You can make your own beautiful videos in your head.

2.  Karrah Kobus
Her work is so beautiful and she is so imaginitive!
These are my two favourites of her work... I love water so much so the top one is me all over.

3. The Ghost and Mrs Muir
I watched this movie years ago when I came upon it in my mothers' collection. She loved it as a child and I can see why!
It has love, a beautiful actress in the lead and a captain with a beard who is also a GHOST.
You didn't guess that by the title, I knew.
It stars Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison... LOVE!
I always dreamed of meeting a Captain of a huge ship and falling in love.
We could have sailed into the sunset together!

4. Believe it or not...... the rain.
It feels like forever since I last heard some heavy rain against my window but tonight I heard it for the first time and I fell in love all over again.
I love the rain but I hate it too... sometimes all I can imagine is the little bunny rabbits all huddles together to stay warm and dry or the stray cats running under cars with their kittens to avoid getting wet.
Sometimes it breaks my heart but I know it's nature.

5. Fiona Anderson
If I could have anyone to photograph my weddings... it's between Fiona Anderson&&Rosie Hardy and seeing as Fiona is in New Zealand and Rosie is down the road in Manchester... I didn't have to stew for months and months over who to choose when I do get married!
I would pay A LOT for shots like these. Stunning!

6. My favourite blog!

I LOVE Fearsy's blog. She's so cute and has the best smile!
I love her music mixtapes and her tattoo posts.
Adorable isn't even the word!

9. Mummy, I'm crushing on a geek!
How God damn cute is this man?! PHWOAR.
I don't know what it is about him... actually, I do!
- Those lips
- That humour
- The intelligence
- His wit

Richard Osman. Legend.

And the rest...

8. This article sounds just like my life! It's an amazing read and the end line is a real stinker! *stinker being a good thing!* 

9. I actually really need this bow strap for my camera! I swear it's for practicality reasons and not because it's the most adorable thing I've ever seen!

10. Little Blog of Horrors is the best name I've seen for a blog in a longgggg time! I love her! She's so cute! Go check her out!

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